In this year’s competition, we want you to focus on helping one of these six people below.

They are our unsung heroes who are likely to be forgotten or unappreciated. Their jobs often come with difficulties that are usually not discussed or solved. Are you able to identify a real-life problem that each of them faces and solve it using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)?

Your solution must use open-source microcontroller (for example, Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and developed with open-source software (for example, App Inventor, Arduino IDE, Python).

To solve the world's problem,
start with one person.


Lorry Driver


Store Keeper

School Bus Driver

Security Guard



  • National, private, and international secondary school students in Malaysia
  • 13 to 17 years old
  • Each team comprises 2 to 3 students from the same school
  • Maximum 4 teams per school


Identify one of the six people that you would like to help. Your solution must use the following:
  • open-source microcontrollers (for example, Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
  • open-source software (for example, App Inventor, IDE, Python)

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Take up the challenge and become a young innovator!
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