The judging criteria for the competition puts greater emphasis on how well a solution solves a real-life problem because that requires the team to put a more human-centric approach to their design. This competition is not about technology. Instead, it is about how technology can be used to help others.

Technical (30%)

Prototype — How well does the prototype work?

Innovation — How innovative is the project?

Coding — How well do they understand the coding?

Problem Solving (40%)

Problem Statement — How well do they understand the problem?

Solution — How accurate and consistent is the solution to solve the problem?

Impact — How impactful is the solution?

Learning (30%)

Communication — How well do they understand their solution?

Learning — What have they learned?

Teamwork — How strong is their teamwork?
The competition judging rubric is available from Resources.


Your team has a maximum of five minutes to pitch your solution to the judges, covering the following topics:

Problem statement
Current solution and its limitation
Your solution and why it’s better
Demo and user feedback
Target segment and impact
Inspiration and learning

You will then have 3 to 5 minutes of Q&A session.

You will need to use the competition pitching template available in Resources.


Most innovative

best community impact

best communicator

best overall

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